To guarantee consumers

We respect animals

The ASSOPIUMA member companies use feathers and down from only RDS and DOWNPASS certified companies.

Companies respect the traceability standard by guaranteeing that their goods do not come from live plucked animals, expressly condemning any mistreatment of geese and ducks. Our Italian association is committed to enforcing the required traceability standards and the hygienic status of the feathers. The RDS and DOWNPASS certifications are audited for the entire supply chain.

11_tracciabilità_il marchio assopiuma
The Assopiuma label

To guarantee consumers

Assopiuma’s commitment is focused on the best control of the composition of the filling, of the percentage of feathers and down and of respect for the appropriate hygienic-sanitary treatment, as required by Italian legislation. Assopiuma labels, which are registered in the European Community and cannot be reproduced as they are watermarked and numbered, guarantee what is declared by the Manufacturing Label affixed by the producer.

A traceable supply chain

The labeling of products

The Licensee’s article bears two labels:

  • of the producer, responsible for the qualitative-quantitative composition of his garments, as indicated in detail on the Manufacturing label;
  • Assopiuma, which guarantees – through strict and constant controls, both on the product and on the manufacturing processes – what is declared by the member companies and licensees of its Trademark.
Biodegradable gold label

The guarantee of a top-of-the-range product

The ORO filling is a down and feather composition MADE IN ITALY and BIODEGRADABLE certified, that guarantees very high performance cushions. Specifically designed for upholstered furniture, it has the following characteristics:

  • “PIUMA OCA BIANCA VERGINE”:  i.e. composed minimum of 85% goose feathers and maximum 15% of duck feathers. 
  • PIUMINO:  minimum amount of 5% “total down”.
  • PIUMA:  i.e. with a maximum amount of 5% broken down feathers before cushion filling.

According to UNI EN 12934 this type of padding falls into the OCA category, CLASS 1.

Assopiuma fabric zero leakage

The guarantee of excellent performance

The ASSOPIUMA FUORIUSCITA ZERO fabric, recognisable by the printing of the logo on the fabric itself, guarantees a coverage factor of 100%, which means total safety with regard to both the escape of down and the entry of dust, and therefore the mites contained in it. This fabric has been registered, as shown on the label itself, in order to guarantee ASSOPIUMA customers the certainty of authenticity.