The fabric

Quality and performance
The fabric

Feather-tight, hypoallergenic and comfortable

The fabric used for the quilt must meet numerous requirements: it must be feather-tight, not permeable to dust and mites, but at the same time it has to ensure air permeability. The fabrics must therefore have a very dense and tight warp and weft construction. In the world of furnishing, the best cotton yarns are used to make these fabrics, in particular those obtained from long-fibre varieties, chosen for their characteristics: hygroscopicity, resistance, stability in water and alkaline washing solutions, and ability to withstand repeated washing.

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Zero leakage fabric

A registered product

The Assopiuma fabric marked “FUORIUSCITA ZERO” (zero leakage), recognizable by the printed logo on the fabric itself, guarantees a coverage factor of 100%, thus ensuring total security against both the leakage of feathers and the entry of dust, and therefore the mites contained in it. This fabric has been registered, as shown on the label itself, in order to guarantee ASSOPIUMA customers the certainty of authenticity.


The house of feathers

Quilting and finishing, as part of the feathers filling system, also helps to create a quality product. The stitching and insulation of the feathers in the lining is a sort of architecture. It ranges from stitching with very short stitches to the insertion of partitions so to avoid displacement of large amounts of feathers in the cushion.

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