Feather is 100% biodegradable

Feathers are environmentally and human friendly

Due to their 100% natural origin, feathers and down are biodegradable. At the end of their life cycle, they are transformed into nitrogenous fertiliser, thus reintegrating into the vital biological cycle. If unintentionally dispersed into the environment, the feathers degrade within a few months and do not pollute the soil or groundwater. They are also a completely hypoallergenic material. Various studies have shown that, if they are properly washed and cleaned, they are not responsible for allergic reactions caused by dust mites.

Naturally biodegradable

From feather to nitrogen fertiliser for agriculture

Feather and down, at the end of their long life cycle, are transformed into nitrogenous fertiliser that can be used in agriculture and gardening. A complete natural cycle. On the contrary, petroleum derivatives such as polyester or polyurethane take from 200 to 400 years to degrade in an expensive composting plant.

Biodegradable gold label

Maximum sustainability guaranteed

The new “100% BIODEGRADABILE” labels declare the high quality of the Assopiuma certified products, guaranteeing the complete biodegradability of the raw material, certified by tests. The “IMBOTTITURA ORO” label certified a MADE IN ITALY production that guarantees high performance cushions. Specifically designed for upholstered furniture and quilts, “IMBOTTITURA ORO” label is used also bedding and fashion.