Quality and comfort

Maximum comfort with natural materials

Italy, as a leading country in furniture design, is also the first country in the world for the use of feather in sofa and armchair cushion padding, demonstrating the strong interest of the design sector in the use of natural and high-performance products. In the construction of a furnishing cushion or backrest, it is essential to use good quality of feathers and to manufacture the quilt to perfectly hold them. Moreover cushions must allow the passage of air so that the feather can offer the maximum comfort.

Goose and duck feathers

Cushions: the optimal mix

Optimal blends are made of small goose and duck feathers, which are of higher value. They ensure lightness and breathability, natural adaptation to anatomical shapes, natural safety against the spread of flames, great durability and value retention over time, complete biodegradability and recyclability. Assopiuma – with its own guarantee label – certifies the content of the padding on cushions and backrests produced according to high quality rules.


For a evergreen product

The feather is not demanding in terms of maintenance: it is advisable to dust it gently, to fluff it, in case of sagging due to body pressure: a few shakes are enough to obtain the desired adjustment and to make cushions to get back to the initial shape. In this way, relaxation and aesthetics are not compromised. It is preferable not to not use vacuum cleaner. 


About us

“Désirée sofas, beds and armchairs convey emotions and sensations. Each product is comfortable, refined, with a distinctive design, and is made with skilful care. Producing quality and comfort for us means attention to tailoring details and 100% made in Italy workmanship with guaranteed materials and certificates.
Assopiuma label on our cushions guarantees the highest quality standards of feathers, production processes and compliance with national and international industry regulations.”

Luigi Lucchetta – Product Manager Désirée