Feather processing

Quality and safety
Feather processing

A controlled process at every phase

In a high-tech production, raw feathers undergo a process that must guarantee high quality standards, and above all maximum HYGIENE AND SAFETY for consumers.  The processing of feathers is divided into two phases, then followed by the manufacturing of the finished product.

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Raw material processing

A chain process

The main phases to enable sanitization of fathers are: dedusting, washing, centrifuging, drying, cooling. These processes take place in special plants. The use of machines with a wooden structure, is essential for the proper sorting of the feathers. 

Feather selection

How to create the proper blend

From a commercial point of view, the selection and definition of the various types of feathers is fundamental formulate the blend according to the different application sectors. Preparing industrially fillings with precise and constant standards is not always easy, for example because of the difficulty of perfectly separating down from feathers and filaments during the manufacturing process.

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The manufacturing of quilts

From material to finished product

The raw material: feathers and down, in selected compositions, is then made into pillows, quilts or duvets. The manufacturing is carried out in precise phases:

  1. creation of the cutting template and cutting of the fabric
  2. making up the quilt;
  3. filling of the quilt by a dedicated machinery that regulates the exact amount of feathers; 
  4. finishing and labelling.