Feather and down

Warmth, lightness and comfort
Feather and down

A 100% natural material

SUSTAINABILITY, COMFORT, WELLNESS AND TRACEABILITY, these are the words that sum up the characteristics of Assopiuma-certified feathers and down. Obtained from the coats of farmed geese and ducks, industrial down retains all its wonderful TEMPERATURE REGULATING AND INSULATING PROPERTIES. In fact, the structure and arrangement of the feathers create countless air cells with an insulating effect: the body’s microclimate is therefore perfectly protected from the external environment.

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Natural thermoregulation

Thermic suit par excellence

Keeping heat depends on good insulation from the outside, which occurs mainly through the air trapped in the interstices of the material. Feathers and down are natural insulators, due to their ability to absorb and retain large volumes of air. In the same way, when used for upholstered furniture or clothing, they thermoregulate the temperature of the human body, ensuring its wellness.

Feather/down characteristics

High performance and sustainability

Lightness and filling capacity, compressibility and elastic recovery (resilience), hygroscopicity, insulation, hypoallergenicity, flame retard and biodegradability are peculiar to feathers and down, considered individually or in the various blends obtainable. This combination of factors is able to guarantee comfort for quilts in contact with the human body, such as cushions, duvets and fashion duvets, technical sleeping bags. 

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Down characteristics

Excellence in thermoregulation

The down differs from other feathers, even the smallest (the so-called “piumette”), because it has no rachis or vessillus – the hard parts) – so it is very light and fluffy. It has the shape of a real flake, consisting of a central nucleus (a barely sketched calamus) from which the barbs originate. Down is present only in water birds: geese and ducks. Because of its lightness, it is the highest quality product for padding, which is warm, soft, light and comfortable.


Caring for the feather/down

In order to maintain the precious qualities of the feathers/down unaltered over time, all that is needed is simple attention, as indicated in the information booklets that accompany the products labelled with the Assopiuma trademark. In particular, wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions, air and plump up the product frequently, so that it will then regain its original shape and volume, do not expose to the sun or other heating sources.

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