Lightweight, warm and breathable

High performance for a timeless garment

Natural feathers and down give perfect insulation: i.e. they absorb and retain large volumes of air in the form of countless air chambers, which acts as a barrier between our bodies and the cold outside. Down is also light, water-repellent, breathable, can be compressed and then returns to its natural size! This is why, despite the advent of new technical materials in the field of padding, the down jacket still plays a leading role both for more technical purposes (mountaineering – northern climates) and as  ‘fashion’ item.

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Optimum mix

Above 90% down

Optimal blends are considered to be those with a percentage of pure goose and duck down that does not fall below 90%. This is the only way to ensure lightness, comfortable warmth (high thermal power), breathability and durability.


Advice on choosing a garment

In the field of clothing, the manufacturing must ensure that the padding is protected and insulated from the outer fabric. Correct quilting avoids displacement and makes the technical protection homogeneous. New technical fabrics ensure water impermeability and breathability, without compromising the characteristics of the filling.

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Washing tips

When washing clothes, follow the instruction on the label; mild detergents; both hand and machine wash, repeated rinses (5-6 times) in plenty of water. Do not use chlorine; dry depends on the fabrics and their finish: follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not dry in direct contact with heat sources nor in direct sunlight. Iron with a lukewarm iron.