Soft, light and breathable

The extraordinary comfort of feathers and down

Goose and duck feathers have awesome thermo-regulating and insulating properties. In fact, the structure and arrangement of the feathers create countless air cells with an insulating effect: the body’s microclimate is therefore perfectly protected from the external environment. The lightness and warmth of the quilts, the comfort of the sofa cushions, the unequalled transpiration properties, make them an excellent material in contact with the body.

Body wellness

Breathable, insulating and hypoallergenic

Down has a natural insulation due to its morphological structure that retains air. In addition, compared to materials of synthetic origin, it has a high transpiration power, i.e. it allows the release of moisture from the body: this is why you have the feeling of not sweating under a down duvet. For the same reason it is also considered the top material for extreme technical applications. When properly treated, down has no allergenic power.

Light and soft

Lightness on the body

The higher the quality of the filling, the lighter the product (approximately 100-150 grams for a waistcoat, 250-300 grams for a jacket, 250 grams per square metre for quilts). In addition, top-quality filling sets more quickly when pressed and does not reveal the rachides (the hard parts of the down) when the hand passes over it. Good cotton or synthetic fabrics should be tightly woven, to prevent both dust from penetrating and feathers from escaping.