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Assopiuma Milan Design 2024

Assopiuma is proposing a journey through the different dimensions of the experience around natural feathers with an installation-itinerary designed by art director Ilaria Marelli in the three rooms of the prestigious Gallery “THE POOL” in via Santa Maria Fulcorina 20, within the 5VIE circuit. 

A poetic narrative made of comfort, lightness, purity, which begins with the selection and processing of feathers and ends with the finished product: down duvets, paddings for furniture and garments, which are a certified excellence within the Italian manufacturing industry.


“On this journey through Assopiuma’s universe, we can let ourselves be seduced by the poetry of the materials, the lightness of flight, and the feeling of wellbeing that only feathers can offer. A unique experience of softness and comfort.”




ilaria marelli design

5 vie – THE POOL  galleria

Palazzo Fagnani Ronzoni, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, 20

Milano Design Week _ 15/21 aprile 2024_H 10 – 19:30



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