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Assopiuma celebrates its 40th anniversary

2021 is an important year. The national association of feather manufacturers for the furniture, bedding, and fashion industries, founded in 1981, is celebrating its 40th year of activity. A landmark that reflects the association’s great achievements in the field of communication, regulations, and technical progress to always and only offer top-of-the-range products and services.

Active in the organization of studies and conferences since its foundation, Assopiuma promotes the consumption, knowledge, and qualification of natural feather paddings by means of strict Regulations and a distinctive registered trademark which identifies high-quality paddings at first glance. With the authoritative UNITEX regulations, it in fact officialised a glossary of terms and definitions of the materials of the components, while it obtained an important international acknowledgment with the Presidency and Secretariat of the European Technical Committee CEN 222 for honing and updating the entire body of European laws currently in force that define the use of materials and production processes.

The association’s primary aim has always been to regulate the use of feathers, an ancient and traditional material, by establishing precise Regulations and a specific Etiquette, which imposes that companies must comply with strict standards and which all Members can use as a Quality Mark.

Forty years of deep commitment aimed at controlling the supply chain to provide the highest guarantee to consumers make this Association a key building block in Made in Italy design, which today is also committed to the task of spreading the results of studies and laboratory analyses to optimize the paddings’ technical performance and duration in time. The next goal? Adopting a new labelling system to certify the material as “100% biodegradable”.

The next goal? Adopting a new labelling system to certify the material as “100% biodegradable”. 

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