Lightness and warmth

Lightweight, warm, breathable and easy to maintain

One of the most important uses of natural down and feathers today is in the bedding sector: quilts, pillows and toppers provide warmth and hygrothermal comfort during sleep, as during the night the body expels moisture, the feather absorbs it and returns it to the environment: a characteristic, the latter, that differentiates them from synthetic quilts. Quilts, as well as duvets, pillows and down toppers, are easy to wash, require little maintenance and take up very little space because they can be pressed without losing their characteristics year after year.

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Down and small feathers

Optimal blends are 90% goose and duck down, which ensures the ‘cloud’ effect, since the higher the quality of the down, the lower the amount of stuffing required. This ensures lightness on the body when lying down, thermoregulation capacity, transpiration, aesthetic value, recovery and reuse in the event of a makeover, comfort when making the bed, durability and value over time.


Types of processing

The main types of construction of the quilt are:

  • FIXED SQUARE QUILTING: it keeps the padding evenly distributed, so that the quilt can carry out its thermoregulating action with great effectiveness in every area;
  • CASSETTE QUILTING: with spacers inside the stitching that ensure an even distribution of the padding in the squares.
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Caring for your down

QUILTS AND DUVET: shake once or twice a week so that the filling spreads out evenly again. Air them in the morning: outside if the weather is dry, or on the bed before rearranging it in case of rain, fog or snow. Do not expose to direct sunlight or other heat sources. In summer, store it in the appropriate cotton wrapping.

PILLOWS: periodic gentle dusting is advisable, as well as fluffing.